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Meeting with floral designer Akiko Usami.

akiko Usami, designer floral

Flower designer, Akiko Usami seduces Fiançailles à Paris with her sophisticated and elegant bouquets inspired by “ikebana”, Japanese Floral art and French culture. Called « wafula », this technique halfway between East and West is more and more emulated in Europe. Between two creations, Akiko Usami tells us about her bouquets and her passion for this art. .

Which flowers do you recommend for an engagement ceremony ?

 Akiko Usami.I would recommend choosing a fairly simple and medium size bouquet that you do not be confuse it with a wedding bouquet. The ideal would be to make it from seasonal flowers such as peany, garden rose, dahlia or anemone.

What is the most extravagant bouquet that you have been asked to make ?

 Akiko Usami

I created a “Hoop Bouquet” this year. I found the request very original ! What is really nice, is that it can be worn on the shoulder like a handbag. It becomes so, a fashion accessory.

What are the 2018 trends in engagement and wedding bouquets ?

 Akiko Usami

I don’t think we can talk about trends in this area. What is important is to create a refined and elegant bouquet that highlights the bride’s personality and the outfit she wears. It must be worn as a jewel.

Par Fiançailles à Paris le 26 janvier 2018 – photos © Akiko Usami

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