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A trip to the land of flavors answering the sweet name of dark chocolates, caramels and pâtes de fruits. A cluth bag and a tote bag signed Fiançailles à Paris is included. 

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The gift case contains :

  • 250 g dark chocolate box or 275 g assorted chocolate box
  • 300 g assorted Caramels Box or 300 g assorted Nougats
  • 420 g assorted fruit pastes (drow-down menu for : 1 chocolate box or 2 chocolate boxes)
  • 1 ring holder in the request

A tote-bag signed Fiançailles à Paris is included

If you wish make compose your assortments chocolate in the request, thank you for selecting a boxe of dark chocolate or matched black/milk or milk chocolate.

Informations about chocolate, caramels, nougats & fruit pastes

For more informations, please click on five commends of the chocolate and Ingredients.

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Dark chocolate : dough of cocoa, cocoa butter, vanilla, sugar, cocoa minimum 65%.

Milk chocolate : dough of cocoa, cocoa butter, vanilla, powder of milk, sugar, cocoa minimum 33%.

Cream (ganache) : butter (praline) honey of chesnut tree, coffe, vanilla of Madagascar, pear Tonka, pepper of Séchouan, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, licorice, star anise, glove, saffron, cumin, turmeric, raspberry, fresh herbs : mint, basil, coriander, dill, tarragon, rosemary ; zests of fruits : orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, bergamot ; dried fruits : hazelnut, almond.

You will not store your chocolate boxes near a source of heat, nor will not keep it for the refrigerator.

You will not leave the open box because the chocolate traps all the smells.
You will quickly savour them !
You will appreciate them better in a temperature of 20°C.
You will open to noble bitterness of the dark chocolate to the silky sweetness of milk chocolate.

All the pleasures are allowed !

Shipping costs are offered for all orders to mainland France (including Monaco).

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Assortment chocolate

Assorted chocolate dark/milk, Dark Chocolate, Milk chocolate

Ring holder

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Assorted chocolate dark/milk, Assorted fruit pastes, Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate