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6 original ways to pamper your mom this Mother’s Day

fête des mères

It’s always difficult to give a gift to her mom for Mother ‘s Day. Each year, it’s always the same dilemma with the same question : What is the best gift you can give to his/her beloved mother ? Fiançailles à Paris has done its shopping and offers you unusual gifts to pamper your mom.

For a pretty Mom 


If your mom is very pretty and loves care products. Why not offer her a beauty moment Ioma : a gift card for a bespoke Ioma cream that will be created on live, especially for her at the Ioma boutique. A unique experience to live alone or with your daughter ! The unique moment gift card IOMA by FIANÇAILLES À PARIS .

Your mom loves nature

Your mom loves nature, organic products. Bojus « Cure Détox Beauté », will delight her. She will enjoy tasty fresh organic juices made from cold pressed fruits and vegeta-bles. An original way to take care of her by putting her stomach at rest. A cure to do on one or more days. (cost 65€ per day).

Your mom loves thematic flower bouquets

If your mom has more classic tastes, do you think about offering her a thematic flower bouquet. At L’amour moderne Paris, the specialists of artistic bouquet, three bouquets caught our attention: radiant, bright and glittering : Rayonnante, éclatante and radieuse. (each one cost 100 €). Three names that evoke the qualities of each mother.

For an interior decorator mom 

Who says flowers, says vase. Nobody thinks to offer a beautiful vase to put the flowers of his/her mother. what about a delicate blown glass vases of La Maison du Bac. They are beautiful, practical, aesthetic with a reasonable price. (28 to 39€).

Offering a rare scent fragrance to your mom

Offering a rare scent is a strong symbol. La maison Violet plunges us into a universe of emotions where each smell tells a singular story. Sketch, (145 €) a fragrance with a chypré patchouli accord, with a nutmeg mixed with a tuberose, all wrapped in musk reveals the femininity of each mother. A hymn to the woman she is.

For all gourmet moms

For all gourmet moms, fans of sweet treats that do not resist the call of chocolate. « 4 Femmes » Henri Le Roux gift box (7,20 €) an assortment of six chocolates with feminine names will seduce the taste buds of the most diffi-cult ones. To discover new flavors such as black wheat crumble or ganache tea infusion or praline home walnut Dauphiné.

By Fiançailles à Paris – May 14, 2018
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