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Exclusive interview with Debbie Wingham

Debbie Wingham Kim Kardashian cake

Exclusivity,Debbie Wingham the famous british designer of couture cakes  and mother of three, granted us an interview . She confides in simplicity on her craft and passion for cakes and pastry .The English people are luscious of these cakes as original as good as strend. Portrait of warm and charming woman who is good in her life.


What is your philosophy and your personal touch ?

My personal philosophy as a celebrity cake artist is be orginal, push the boundaries and always over deliver meaning I go to extreme lengths for my clients and that’s what’s got me where I am today.

Debbie Wingham

What kind of cake do you make for an engagement party ?

Well it’s a hard one to answer because to be honest I never make the same cake twice but the key things for an engagement cake are to reflect the couple’s personalities and set the mood for the wedding to come.

What is you favorite engagement trend ?

Debbie Wingham

It’s the element of surprise. These days people are looking at all types of ways to propose and its becoming a huge trend to be as unique and unsuspecting as possible. This is the most unique I have ever encountered a gent came to me and asked if I could build an engagement ring into a birthday cake. It was inspired by Bvlgari and looked like a normal cake but it had a scissor lift built inside and revealed Bvlgari jewels and an engagement ring.

What is your most hype cake for a special event ?

Debbie Wingham.

My career is always about pioneering new concepts and pushing the bar of edible artistry. It’s hard to choose one as such as few come to mind. I ever made a cake shaped chair. One is my latest cake which was made for a Kim Kardashian look alike links below. Well, it’s quite unusual to have a Kardashian in your kitchen.

Par Fiançailles à Paris le 13 mars 2018 – photos © Debbie Wingham.

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